Employers recognize the value of their employees and are taking steps to protect their health and safety.

At Safety Check Consulting, our goal is to assist management in providing these health and safety services in a manner which is both functional as well as economical. To accomplish this, we recognize that no two workplaces are alike. As a result, our services are tailor-made to suit each company.

Safety Check Consulting has been supplying consulting and training services to industry since September of 1995. The majority of these services have been provided to the upstream petroleum industries, however we have also performed consulting services on a regular basis, to hospitals, construction sites, transportation companies, grain handling facilities, mines, airports, and others.

From computerized incident reporting and WCB claims management, to 'on site' supervision and employee training, Safety Check is available to make your Safety Management System 'User Friendly'

Our Mission Statement

"To provide services to industry in the areas of safety program development, implementation and monitoring; as well as provide a means of delivering employee training in a method convenient to the businesses we serve."